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October 31, 2022

Lance Williams Named One of Santa Clarita's 51 Most Influential People

Lance Williams has said that he knew he wanted to be a home builder from the time he was a child, growing up in Southern California surrounded by construction projects. He and his wife started Williams Homes in Santa Clarita in 1996, and the company's most recent project is perhaps its finest yet: Williams Ranch in Castaic, which will have nearly 500 homes with 15 different floor plans off Hasley Canyon Road, and a 5-acre working vineyard near the entrance.

The community needs more high-quality developments like the ones built by Williams Homes, which help Santa Clarita Valley be such an amazing place to live. His company continues to innovate on home designs and build quality housing developments from Canyon Country to Castaic, and the SCV will continue to be a place where people want to live thanks to the efforts of developers like him. While California might be struggling with a shortage of housing, Williams is someone who helps our residents find high-quality solutions to the crisis.

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