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The former Thelma Hansen Trust property, now called "The Farm", consists of 33 acres nestled into a scenic setting of farmland, foothills and established residential neighborhoods. 
The property has an approved specific plan, tentative tract map, and development agreement allowing for 131 single family detached Ventura homes on 4,000 – 8,795 square foot lots, 3 building pads for 34 attached rowhouse/townhouses, 6 acres of public parks and open space areas, and two building pads for 20-24 farm worker housing units. Williams Homes intends on building the entire project with exception of the farm worker housing which will be designed and developed by the City Housing Authority.

The Farm tells a story of California’s economic and residential history as influenced by the completion of the transcontinental railroad connecting our country's East and West Coasts. Pre-railroad, California was a disconnected and isolated region settled primarily by American Indians and the Spanish. Its Architecture was humble and indigenous to the area, primitive adobe structures made of mud and clay.

The discovery of gold in 1848 began a mass migration to the region and by 1850 California was a state. Due to the massive migration, plans for the railroad originally intended to reach Oregon, were changed. The railroad was redirected to California, creating a link with significant influence over the area, an influence that changed the area both economically and Architecturally. With it now much easier to travel from the East Coast to the West Coast, wealthy Anglo migrants made their way cross country, bringing with them capital and a desire to transplant traditional details and materials of their more familiar Colonial settlements. Milled lumber began to replace adobe construction and wood detailing began to grace buildings in the form of lap siding and detailed balconies. Today we refer to this as the Monterey style. Click the diagram (above/right) that illustrates the dynamics of California’s historical construction and our inspiration for “The Farm”.

Concurrently, California agriculture expanded with its access to new markets through increased transportation and more efficient techniques of production. California became known as the Nation's Produce Basket, and the growth of the California agriculture community soared as it captured markets throughout the country. As farms sprouted up across the landscape so did their dwellings, an eclectic mix of Spanish Colonial, Monterey and American Heritage/Carpenter Gothic buildings that were each influenced by the individual who built them and the context in which they sat within.


The Farm will represent a timeline of these vernaculars, executed in an interpretive vein, and stand as an expression of our time. Simplicity in form, detailing, materials and colors will unify the community as one and yet provide each individual home the character to stand on its own.

Keeping in mind, regions are best understood as dynamic processes, part of a continuous shaping of human culture. Regions are not “natural” phenomena, but historical constructions over time.

Below is a site map for our upcoming Ventura community, "The Farm."

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We are delighted to embark on this journey to bring this Ventura, CA community to life. Ventura County was recently named the absolute most desirable place to live in America by the Washington Post. "The Farm" will be one more reason to live there. Please Register Here to be kept informed on our progress.

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